Pearly Round, Plum shaped, Red or Yellow, Sweet or Tangy, Cherry Tomatoes tops the Salads with its beauty and taste, they sweeten the party trays and are most delicious and healthy treat for kids.

In addition to 1.3 gm proteins, 1.8gm of fiber and 20 mg of vitamin C, 1 cup cherry tomatoes give you healthy dose of other vitamins and minerals essential for good health.


Whether you refer to a tomato as a fruit or a vegetable, there is no doubt that a tomato is a nutrient-dense, super-food that most people should be eating more of.

Tomatoes areĀ  an excellent source vitamin C, biotin, and vitamin K.

They are also a very good source of copper, potassium, manganese, dietary fiber, vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene), vitamin B6, folate, niacin, vitamin E, and phosphorus.


Relish our fresh tomatoes in your daily meals and enjoy the benefits !!!