We have one Goal – To provide sustainable growing solution to growers and a nutritious and hygienic produce to Consumers.

Delish Veggies LLP is a small unit in Pune which is trying to make a powerful impact in the growing practices followed by current agricultural industry. We are located in the hub of hi-tech Green-house/ Floriculture Park in Talegaon, Pune. But our systems are growing lush green produce using only 20% of the water used by traditional farmers.

Our Journey

While serving in IT industry and travelling across globe, our founder got the exposure to the world of hydroponics and how it is changing the future of agriculture. The taste of fresh produce allured us to bring this technology back home where our farmers are still struggling with the same old traditional ways and looking up to the mercy of rains for their well-being. We happened to meet few of these hi-tech growers in Israel and USA and the image of our skinny old farmer was not a match to their poise and confidence.

That’s when we decided to bring this technology in India and give a sustainable solution for growing the lush green produce.

In 2015 we started with a small setup of 10000 sqft and learnt the basics in a hard way. In last 3 years we have gained the required expertise and have a strong team to support and now run a 12000 sqmtr (3 acre) setup successfully.

We strive to use the best in class technology for our growing practices. To enable this, we have imported world-class fertigation computer from Netherland. This is one of its kind machine which runs on weather station and takes intelligent decision based on the climate conditions. This gives us freedom from any human error and our fertigation for plants becomes precise.


Water quality plays a big role in Hydroponics. We have also invested in commercial RO unit to have bacteria and virus free water for our plants. This gives us ability to grow disease free plant year around without worry of any water borne infestation.


Our Mission

We are driven by the dream of setting up a biggest hydroponic farm in India and seeing a fresh and clean local produce consumed by the people in India. Our aim is to educate our farmer with this amazing technology and drive his future generation back to our forgotten profession – AGRICULTURE.

That dream is slowly turning into reality with the success of our very first set-up and the growing network of growers who are interested to adopt this technology in their states across India.

When we are not on our farm doing research and increasing efficiency in our systems, we love to talk about hydroponics and learn more about it from experts. Hence, we organize a week long ‘Hydroponics and Green House Technical Management Training’ twice a year in association with Graeme Smith Consulting from Australia. This training provides detail knowledge about hydroponic techniques and best practices to the aspiring growers.

This is first time in India such trainings have been conducted.

We have received incredible response for this event. Participants from 8 international locations have made is truly international level training program.